COVID-19 Important Updates, and our monthly 20% sale

Dear friends,

We hope you are keeping in good health and staying safe

We are still going to offer a SALE this month (starting today), but first wanted to inform everyone of COVID-19 delays they may experience. We have been keeping notices posted on our website, but wanted to include them here so they are not missed.
On March 1st, 2020 we emailed all customers that they should expect significant delays from COVID-19 and ensure they had a 90 day supply in place at that time.
We do not think shipments will take 90 days to arrive, many are taking 1–3 weeks longer to arrive (for example from Poland), but still it’s best to have some cushion so you are not cutting things close. And always should allow enough time for a reship to arrive before you run out, in the rare event a reship is required.

— -

Please be aware as well that tracking statuses like “origin post preparing shipping” are extremely inaccurate and most of the times the package had already arrived in the destination country but has not been scanned yet. Once that happens it will be a matter of days until it gets into your possession.

Hypothetically, even if a package gets lost, misrouted, destroyed or seized, there are absolutely no reasons to worry as we obey the same old Policy that we have even since 2008, that being an instant Reship / Refund. There is no customer who has ever lost his funds with us and a testimony to that are thousands of reviews from dozens of Forums and Boards.

All our warehouses are big venues with professional and educated employees which were instructed to sanitize their work places and objects around. We kindly ask you to understand current shipping conditions, keep in touch with our support line and be patient as eventually all of the packs will be delivered.

Since March 1st, 90%+ of all commercial flights have been cancelled globally, on which postal mail travels. This has created a backlog of billions of parcels sitting in cargo depots at each international airport, waiting for a flight for the next hop of their journey. These shipments WILL update further, but will take time. We apologize, but will make sure each is delivered.

Main EU hub in Germany stopped it’s shipping so all Tracking Numbers stopped to receive any updates from 02.04.20

We were informed that it will be solved on next week Wednesday (22.04) I will keep you in touch about it


UK orders still are delivered normally

Royal Mail is still operating for regular airmail parcels, however there will be delays in shipments making their way through the network. We are seeing gaps in tracking updates even though parcels are moving and being delivered. We have received numerous reports of packages being delivered despite tracking not updating fully. All our fulfillment locations are still operational, although some are experiencing delays due to backlog resulting from customers attempting to stockpile. Please allow at least 1–3 weeks extra transit time. Shipments may take 1–2 weeks to show entry into your country from the UK, another 1–2 weeks processing at your border, and another 1–2 weeks routing domestically within your country before delivery. EMS service has been restored by ParcelForce as of Apr 14th for USA customers, but with a surcharge of approx 7GBP which we have temporarily added to the price of EMS shipping for our customers. There’s no guaranteed delivery date with EMS. It used to arrive in 3–6 days to US customers, but will likely take longer than that within the current pandemic.


India went into full lockdown on March 24th. It was to expire Apr 14th but the lockdown has been extended until Apr 30. In light of this we have arranged to ship stock of most India medications to Singapore and will ship them from there for all new and unshipped orders. A large cargo shipment is currently being processed through Singapore customs for us. Any India tracking number that does not show updates past India before March 24th will likely not show further updates until flights open up again from India as it is being held in a cargo hold facility of India Post waiting for flights. This is because even before the complete lockdown on March 24th, there was already a backlog of shipments leaving India because most flights had already been canceled.
NOTE: Many India products are also available from the UK, but in different pack sizes or prices. You can check the website for those alternatives. If your order has not yet shipped we will be happy to change it to UK stock and adjust for any price differences. If your India order has already shipped with a valid tracking number you may place a separate UK order on your own if you wish. If the tracking is not yet valid, the order did ship but we may be able to reship the order from the UK for you if you agree to refuse delivery of the India shipment when it arrives


Flights are still leaving regularly, but with reduced capacity so customers should still allow 1–3 weeks extra transit time at least.


Any order not yet marked shipped may be canceled and refunded without any penalty or delay upon your request. These typically show as ‘Order Received’ status on the website. Given unpredictable delays, we ask customers with SHIPPED orders to allow at least 30 days from the last tracking update before requesting a refund, reship or cancellation. Just keep in mind these delays are not unique to Etalaze and you won’t be able to get these medications faster elsewhere unless it’s locally within your own country. We are blessed to have more than one country we can ship from, so we suggest researching alternatives we may have that can get to you faster instead.

— -


Act now to take advantage of this opportunity.
This ends Monday night late:

* Rules:

20% — off ALL orders of $250 US or more
Use the code “STAYHOME” (Without the quotes).

Hurry, to accept follow these steps:

1. Visit

2. Add items to your cart

3. In your shopping cart, enter the code “STAYHOME” (Without the quotes) and click “Update cart”

Note: This cannot be applied to orders placed before the e-mail was sent. Please ensure you see your total updated in the shopping cart BEFORE checking out.

We appreciate your business! We can’t do it without you.

Your Etalaze Friends

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We are Etalaze Shop Team. Follow our page here for news and offers.

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